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drangan my home by Tom Noonan

as life and times change, I may travel from here

to faraway places to seek a career

But wherever I go or wherever I roam

I will never forget, dear old Drangan my home


In the centre of Drangan our church stands so fair,

a place where the faithful can assemble for prayer,

its Angelus bells can be heard twice a day,

to remind us to bless and a short prayer to say.

There once was a convent, where I went to school

 and the sister of mercy, they called out the roll,

but alas all thats gone now, the nuns are not there

what a pity to lose something special and rare

to the east of the village is the hill of Knockroe

 where her sons lost their lifes in a house long ago

It was for Irelands freedom those young men were killed

     and to honour their memory a grotto was built.


As I roam ,round the parish, first up the Newline

where the townlands of Newtown and Magoury entwine

there,s Corbally too with its many abodes,

which brings  me on up toBallylusky crossroads

I turn right for Cloughtaney now that I can

and I travel through Moyne and parts of Crohane

Next to Moonverrin and Knockura hill

Prospect  and Wilford and to  Lismolin

and when I arrive  in famedKnocknahoun

I know its all part of dear old Drangan my home


Theres parts of Shangarry with its coal tinted soil,

Ballynennon, Ballyrichard and the fine plains of Kyle

Ballyvarna,s a townlands not lived in today,

we,vs Priestown and Lacha and old Cloanyhea.

Rathkenny looks on Templeview and Soilsean,

Shanakyle, Lismoynan and Tullacussane,

Bawntafuara and St Johnstown too can lay claim

 to have parts of their townslands in dear old Drangan demesne

Curraheen situated near Ballyvadlea

and I,ll rest in the sport fields thats known as Raw Hey

We recall with fond memories the things we liked best

wherever we travel, from the East to the West,

Many places we spoke of  in song and in poem

but I,ll never  forget , dear old Drangan my Home  

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